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Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Events


Saturday January 17, 2015-7pm- Join us for our next Drum Journeying Circle@ the Life Loft, 390 Dupont Street, Suite 201. Please be sure to read the full invitation details before attending so you know what to expect and can come prepared:

**Spaces are limited thus please be sure to RSVP here or via my website to secure your spot. **

You can read more about the healing work I do, an amazing journey by a seasoned journeyer, and drum journey testimonials here on my website:

Tuesday January 20, 2015-12pm-ᓴᓇᐢᑭᐦᐃᐁᐧᐤ Sanaskihiwew Joins People Firmly Together Smudge IIᓴᓇᐢᑭᐦᐃᐁᐧᐤ Sanaskihiwew Joins People Firmly Together Smudge II

Tawow! Joins People Firmly Together Smudge II is for all people of Indigenous decent regardless of blood quantum to come together as one family. Whether you are Metis, Status, Inuit, Non-status Indian or part of another Indigenous group, we are all family. We can still maintain and respect all our cultural differences. It's time we come together and stop the Lateral Violence amongst our peoples. All Nations are invited to pray for the health and well being of our Indigenous people world wide. Today we pray all around Mother Earth, and ask for forgiveness for how we have treated one another. We pray collectively that we all heal each other, that our families and each other are healthy once again. We pray we come back together as one.

As an Elder once said to me, If you are 1% Indian you are an Indian. I've heard another Elder say if you have one drop of Indian blood in you, you are an Indian.

Smudge in your local area at your local time at noon. If you want to Smudge as a group where you live, then you will need to organize a local event in your area. Pick a place, create an event page then advertise it yourself. This is a collective endeavor where you will need to take initiative in your local area. This World Wide Smudge is an Indigenous led event, wherever possible Wanska: The art of decolonization ask that you find an Indigenous person to lead the smudge, if that is not possible then do your best.

Smudging - Dispell the Myth - Radio Warrior

January 20, 2015-6pm-7:45pm-Delicious & Demystifying@ the Theatre Centre 1115 Queen Street WestA sharing of Indigenous artistry from THE BANFF CENTRE and the NATIONAL THEATRE SCHOOL OF CANADA

Red Sky, in collaboration with The Banff Centre and The National Theatre School of Canada, is pleased to invite you to an evening of artistic discovery with 4 fascinating new Indigenous talents.

Come and hear about their artistry, culture, tradition and their connection to the here and now.

What opportunities await a new generation of creators and performers?

How can these leading Canadian institutions serve your artistic and professional goals and passions? Learn about the programming that is available.

Come. Share. Leave inspired.

Delicious Indigenous cuisine and refreshments
Mix & Mingle and hear from the next generation of Indigenous artists.

WHEN: Tuesday January 20th, 2015 at 6 p.m.
WHERE: THEATRE CENTRE, in the Incubator
1115 Queen Street West, Toronto
COST: Free Admission

CLIFF CARDINAL, Playwright and Actor
THOMAS FONUA, Dancer, Associate Artist with Red Sky
ROSARY SPENCE, Singer, Musician and Designer

Hosted by SANDRA LARONDE (Artistic Director of Red Sky and director of Indigenous Arts at The Banff Centre) and ALISA PALMER (Artistic Director of the English Section at the National Theatre School of Canada)

Artwork by: Aaron Paquette

January 24, 2015- 3rd Annual Grandma Rose Memorial Round dance @ the Native Canadian Centre. Please join us as we celebrate the life of Elder and Grandmother Rose Logan.

Pipe Ceremony: 5PM
Potluck Feast to Follow

Stickman: Gabe Gaudet
Invited Singers: TBD

Raffles, 50/50's, Specials

***donation of raffle and give-away items accepted, please contact Marie Gaudet

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