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Monday, August 18, 2014

CALL OUT for Indigenous Writers for Upcoming Shameless Magazine's Food Issue

Call Out for Indigenous Writers for Shameless Magazine’s Upcoming Food Issue

“Shameless is feminist magazine for teen girls and trans youth. Our print magazine is produced three times a year and is distributed throughout Canada, and we host an active feminist blog dealing with issues in ways that are accessible to youth.”

As editor of both the "Beyond the Books" column and a Blog Editor for Shameless Magazine, I'm looking for writers of all ages to contribute to the upcoming Food Issue.
 For Beyond the Books, I am looking for Indigenous writers who can write a 700 word piece on how food can play a role in decolonization, nationhood, and keep us rooted in our culture and way of life. Please send your pitches my way.
In your pitches, please write a short statement of what you would be interested in writing about. No experience is necessary as I am open to working with writers of all experience levels.

** Note: Shameless is also run on 100% volunteer power, so at this time we are not in a position to pay our bloggers or contributors (and staff aren’t paid either)… but please don’t let this stop you. I want to hear from you and hear your ideas!

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