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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Review: Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven (Respect)

Waaboos Miniwaa Mkwa Ziden- Gchi-Twaa Niizhwaaswi
Mnaandendiwin- Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven

I’ve never really been drawn to graphic novels, but the graphic novels that Chad Solomon writes are fun, educational and inspirational. They are something that I wish I had had as a child growing up because I’m sure if I had had them under the right circumstances, I would have been drawn to their bright pictures, and the accessibility to the teachings behind each story he tells within them.

“Rabbit and Bear Paws- Respect” is a part of a Sacred Seven series of graphic novels for the young at heart, and is book three in a series that teach the Seven Grandfather Teachings.  The other titles in this series involve love, courage, honesty, humility, wisdom and truth.

Rabbit and Bear Paws butt heads in this graphic novel trying to understand what it means to have RESPECT for people and animals. Rabbit and Bear Paws are out collecting birch bark with their friends and see a herd of buffalo grazing not far from them.

Clover Blossom, Rabbit’s mother reminds Rabbit to keep his distance and tells him “We must respect their space, as we share this land with them.” As they are told this, Rabbit mimics the buffalo and stuffs some grass into his mouth, spits it out, and says “Blech, this tastes like musty old moccasins.”

The reader is taken on a journey as Rabbit and Bear Paws struggle to understand their place beside the buffalo and the animal world. They realize after an adventure that brings them close to disrespecting the buffalo and their space that they must show respect in order to have respect shown back to them.

I love how at the end of the story Clover Blossom asks the kids “what did you learn from today’s adventure?” because when kids read it, they are also given a teaching through characters that they can relate to. Another great thing about this Sacred Seven Series is that underneath each sentence in the story, the Ojibwa translation is there for you to read along with your kid.

Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven- Respect is an educational, funny and inspirational graphic novel written by Chad Solomon. It also comes with audio pdf PC version cd to help you and your child while reading.

The End

Mii iw!

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