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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Poem- I Wear a Mask

I Wear A Mask
By: Christine Smith (McFarlane)
I wear
a mask 
You may not believe

But sometimes when 
you see me laughing


see me smiling
and deep in thought

 things aren't always
what they seem

 But I'm practiced
at making things
look like they're ok
on the outside

when they're really not

It's the tricks
I've learned
over the years

I think they came
with this mask
When I first picked it up

No one knows
the loneliness
I feel at night

Or the sadness
that overwhelms my very soul
when the tears 
from out of nowhere

and I sit
to try and make sense

why I feel 
the way
 I do

When things on the surface
seem to be going so well

I wear a mask 
You may not believe it

But behind it
lays something

And I've learned
that it can either kill me
or make me stronger

I've chosen 
the latter
Because deep down inside
I know

I am stronger
than the depression itself



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