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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Online Language Resources/My Story in Ojibwe

This is an Online Language Resource List- courtesy of the Language Gathering that was held at the University of Toronto on March 25th via the Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives.


Below the language resources is my own brief story in Anishinaabemowin that I learned during my studies at U of T Ojibway classes


Ojibwe lessons, information and tools-

Dictionary, brief history of the language, and voices of Ojibwe speakers-

Ojibwe Stories, Language and Culture:

Online Ojibwe Course-

Ojibwe Vowel Song-


Online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages-

Oneida Dictionary-

Language Lessons, Activities. Culture and Events-

Audio Text and Vocabulary-


Introduction to the language and Cree phrase book-

Cree dictionary, syllabics and lessons-

Online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages-

Stories/Lessons by a Professor of Linguistics at McGill University of Montreal-


Online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages-

Online language lessons-

History and information about the language-

Everything you want to know about the Inuit Language-

Inuktitut syllabics song-

Ojibwe Story:
Christine nitishinikaas- My name is Christine
 Kanoohken weti kaa-onciyan- Remember where you come from
 Peguis nitoonci- I am from Peguis
 Baskkodebizhiki nitootem- Buffalo is my clan
 Shaakooc ni daabishkoo indigo mahkwa- However I like bears
 Ni ombigi’aawaswaanag- I am adopted
Nikii ontaatis mekwac pimankasoc Kashkatinoo-piihsim- I was born in November
Ni’dibaajimoomazinaigan- I write for the newspaper
 nindibaajimoowikwe I am a female journalist
 Ni minwentan ahpi masinahkeyaan I am happy when I am writing
Nimaamaa Peguis nitoonci- my mother is from Peguis
 Anna ishinihkaaso- her name is Anna
 Nimaamaa noonkom Ashern ishitaa- my mother now lives in Ashern
 Nitaataapan Fisher River oonci- My father is from Fisher River
 William ishinihkaasopan- His name is William
 Kaawiin nitaataa ayaawaasiin- No, my father is not around anymore
 nintAyaawaa peshik nimihses-  I have one older sister
Marguerite ishinihkaaso- Her name is Marguerite
 nintaayaawaa peshik nintooshamihkwen- I have one niece
 Samantha ishinihkaaso- Samantha is her name
 Kinokaapawi-  nimpahshitahok-She is tall, bigger than me
 Jiikendaagozi moojigendaagozi- she is fun
wiinge ni gichi-inenimaa- I think the world of her
Nisaakihaa nintoshamikwen- I love my niece.
  Nikihci-metawemin- We play a lot
Niwii waapamaa nintooshamihkwen shaakooc ishi ishkooniwikamik- I want to visit my niece, however she is in school


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