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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Press Release: When Will You Rage Premiering March 9, 2013


When Will You Rage?
World Premiere
Choreographed by Penny Couchie
Saturday March 9, 2013 at 7:30pm at the Capitol Centre

North Bay, ON, February 4, 2013 – Choreographer and Dancer Penny Couchie, from Nipissing First Nation, will present her latest work, When Will You Rage?, in partnership with Nipissing's unique multi-disciplinary arts organization Aanmitaagzi at the Capitol Centre in North Bay on March 9, 2013 at 7:30pm. This presentation marks Couchie’s first independently created full-length performance and is the first professional contemporary dance/theatre piece to be produced in Nipissing First Nation.

When Will You Rage? is the heroic story of one Indigenous woman recovering her future by exploring the legacy of intergenerational trauma surrounding herself and her foremothers. It follows the triumphs and tragedies of Couchie, her mother, her grandmother and her great-grandmother; women who faced tremendous hardship, suffering, and loss, but found the strength and resilience to survive.

When Will You Rage? is a journey past the pain, the rage, and the grief to recover curiosity, passion, and love…It is about honouring those who have come before, recognizing and celebrating their strength and resilience.” (Excerpt, When Will You Rage?)

The project is the culmination of more than a decade of research, development, and explorative workshops led by Couchie and facilitated through both her former Toronto based dance company, Earth in Motion, and her current Nipissing First Nation based company, Aanmitaagzi. The narrative springs forth from Couchie’s personal experiences, as well as interviews conducted with other family and community members from Nipissing First Nation (North Bay) and Bear Island First Nation (Temagami). The story was explored and developed within the context of years of engagement with indigenous knowledge, ceremony, and history.

The performance is approximately 70 minutes long and was made possible through funding from the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. On Feb 19th & Feb 26th there will be Community-Engaged Workshops followed by Q&A sessions at the Capitol Centre.

Tickets cost $20 / $10 and can be purchased at the Capitol Centre Box Office located at 150 Main St E, North Bay, ON in person or by phone (705-474-4747) during regular business hours (Monday through Friday – 11am to 5pm, Saturdays – 12pm to 4pm). They can also be purchased online by visiting

Credits: Penny Couchie - Choreographer / Creator / Co-Producer, Alejandro Ronceria - Dramaturg / Co-Producer, Muriel Miguel - Script Dramaturg, Ruth Howard - Theatre Designer, Edgardo Moreno - Composer, David Sweeney - Lighting Design and Projections, Deborah Ratelle - Production Manager, Josh Bainbridge - Stage Manager, Dancers: Sarain Carson-Fox, Lilia Leon, Tamara Podemski, and Linnea Wong
Aanmitaagzi: Sid Bobb - Co-Producer, Clayton Windatt - Media Specialist, Sherry Guppy - Lobby Installation, Perry McLeod-Shabogeesic - Visual Art
Vocals: Animikiikwe Couchie, Binaeshee-Quae Couchie-Nabigon, and Tasheena Sarazin
Drumming / Vocals: Chris Couchie, Gerry McComb, and Darren Nakogee
Creative/Cultural/Historical Consultants: Animikiikwe Couchie, Bonnie Couchie, Eva Couchie, Carol Guppy, Christina Lella, Lee Maracle and Community  Members from Nipissing First Nation, North Bay, Temagami First Nation and Temagami

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Media Contact:
Clayton Windatt, Media Specialist
h: 705-580-2646  |  w: 705-476-2444                           

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