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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flashback to a Poem I Wrote in 1998- Lost Identity

Lost Identity
By: Christine McFarlane

Feeling lost
in the society
I've lived in all my life
never feeling
as though
I've truly belonged

Feeling lost
living on the fringes
of what society is

Feeling lost
My forefathers
came before me
I am Indian
I rightfully belong
here on this earth
I am lost
Lost to the western world

I don't know
my people, 
my language
or my heritage

To someone
walking by
I look like just another
person going through
their life
coping as best as they can

But little does
anyone know
I feel like an outsider
lost in the fringes
Questions go unanswered
I have feelings of deep despair
crying on the inside
laughing on the outside
when I can even manage that

Feeling lost
in today's society

Will I
ever find myself
my true identity?


(Personal Note: When I went and visited my mom this past month, she lent me a copy of a 28 page book of poetry that I made in 1998. I brought the book home, and made a few copies. I wanted to share this one, because I believe it is indicative of my healing journey, where I was and how I felt. I can now say I know who I am, its amazing what a few years can do after much hard work)

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