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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Exercise in Memory: I Remember

The exercise below comes from my all time favorite book "Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir," written by Natalie Goldberg.

Starting an exercise with "I Remember" for ten minutes hits smack dab into the heart of memoir. It produces a smattering of unconnected memories, and Goldberg relates that  "because memory doesn't work so directly, you need to wake up different angles."

"I Remember" is one of those exercises that wakes up memory in many different ways. Here is what I came up with, after ten minutes of writing.

I Remember:
By: Christine McFarlane

I remember long gray days where the rain wouldn't stop and I just wanted to hide.

I remember tears sliding down my face and trying to compose myself when I heard over the phone that you had passed on.

I remember days where we would sit in comfortable silence. No words were necessary, we were just happy to be with each other. I miss you.

I remember my first cell phone. A gray clunky Motorola that I couldn't just fit into my back pocket like the phone that I have now. Oh remembering that, brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh at how technology used to be and how it has advanced so much.

I remember the day you entered my life and you told me you would always cheer for me because you knew I had the potential to succeed.

I remember my first interview and how I couldn't sit still. My nerves were just shot with the question "will I get this job or not?"

I remember drinking the first extra large coffee from Tim Horton's when they first changed their  cup sizes and how I buzzed around afterwards.

I remember my first cigarette. I didn't even inhale, I thought it made me look cool but now I understand why its so hard to quit something that has become an addiction.

I remember the day I called my sister when I was ten years old and the phone had been disconnected. I felt shattered and all alone. No one understood why.

I remember....I remember....

the memories are plentiful.  some sad, some happy. some making me laugh and some making me cry.

I remember...I remember...

Memories can be hard, but I would rather have some than have none at all.

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