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Monday, September 3, 2012

Music Review- Whisper in Your Ear

Photo by: Christine McFarlane

Music Review: Whisper In Your Ear
By: Christine McFarlane

Sarah DeCarlo is an artist from the Peterborough area with roots in the Ojibwa Nation. She is a filmmaker, singer/songwriter and performer. Her film works have been screened at festivals across Canada and her music has been featured on APTN and Spirit Magazine. Sarah has worked advocating arts with youth in communities in Ontario, Quebec and across Canada.

After hearing Sarah DeCarlo perform at the Red Revue during PlanetIndigenUS, I wanted to do a quick review of her work. Sarah DeCarlo released her first album "Whisper In Your Ear" in June 2012.
It's a mix of tunes that are a celebration of life stories, experiences and travels from across Canada, and  it is music that is a mash up of rock, punk, folk, country and pop with a bit of something for everyone.

Songs such as “Whisper in your Ear” “Everybody Wants Something,” “Jesus Died,” show the diversity in her singing and songwriting abilities; with many a song being upbeat catchy tunes that move across a spectrum of emotions and intensity.

I am a picky music listener, but I can honestly say that I hope to hear more of Sarah DeCarlo and her music in the years to come!

Sarah DeCarlo can be found on myspace at and on Facebook. 

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