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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Fun Writing Exercise

 By: Christine McFarlane

My most recent column in the Native Canadian newsletter was about getting motivated and keeping up your writing, even when you don't feel like writing. I find that sometimes, reading one of those books that advise you on different techniques to get yourself motivated can really help.

Finding new and innovative ways to get myself writing is fun. My most recent exercise involved trying to write with the words

"I've heard...." at the beginning of each sentence. I would write a sentence, and then as soon as I got stuck trying to think of what to write next, I started my next sentence with the same words "I've heard"

The exercise turned into a little list of superstitions. Here they are.

"I've're supposed to count sheep when you can't fall asleep, but for some reason I can never do that. I find that when I envision these sheep in my head, I end up laughing, and I'm more wide awake than ever."

 "I've heard... you're never supposed to walk under a ladder, or let a black cat cross your path"

"I've heard... you can't step on a crack on the sidewalk because you might break your mother's back."

"I've heard... if you spill salt, you immediately have to throw some salt over your shoulder or else you'll have bad luck."

I told a couple of friends about this exercise. They gave me their own superstitions they've come across. What a conversation starter, but can you imagine if we paid attention to all these little nuances in life?

We would all be in deep trouble! Damn those superstitions!

(Try this exercise yourself. You can start it with anything you want, and let me know where it takes you!)

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Good night!

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