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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coping With The Holiday Blues

Coping With the Holiday Blues:
By: Christine McFarlane

We often think of the holidays as being a time to be happy and oh so joyful! but the holiday season is not always a happy time for everyone. People can get really sad and depressed and the reasons can vary significantly for every individual. For myself, the holiday season can bring back many reminders of the losses in my life. However I want this post to be something that can be helpful to others, and takes the focus away from myself.

Holidays can bring up many issues, and it is up to us all as individuals to find the best way to cope with whatever may rise in the most positive way that we can. I am going to post what I believe is helpful to me in coping with the holiday blues, and I hope that through what I post, you, my readers can see what works for you or even add to the list that I post below. I may add to the post later, if ideas from my readers filter in.

The Things That I Do To Help Me Cope:

1.Listening to music- especially music that is inspirational (for me that can be ABBA-I Have A Dream, I Won't Back Down-Tom Petty etc) we all have our own music that we find inspirational in one way or another) Go through your music library and add some of your favourite music to your mp3 player or iPod, and listen to music for awhile.

2. Journaling- This is important to me, especially as a writer but writing can be helpful for anyone, especially if you want to vent feelings that you are having difficulty with. Just the act of getting a pen and paper out and writing things out can help you to stay well emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. 

3. Art- I love to paint and draw. I find that often throughout the year I will go for spells where I am not doing any artwork, and I feel like something is missing. Even if its for a few minutes a day, or with your kids, or in my case, my nieces, take some time to sit down and draw, colour or paint. There's something about sitting down with children and colouring/drawing with them that makes you feel like you're smiling from the inside out.

4. Exercise- I do a lot of walking, and I often find that by getting out and going for a walk, I feel a lot better than if I was to stay in and just sit on the couch and do nothing but sleep. Walking  for even 10-15 minutes, is better than getting no exercise at all.

5. Visiting/Calling People- Getting out to see people can often be hard when you are feeling sad or depressed, but its important for all of us to keep in touch with the people in our lives. If you live alone, make it a point to call someone and ask them if you can spend time with them, or speak with them for a little bit. Make the time to go and see a neighbour or friend that you know is alone,  visiting with each other can help you both.

6. Entertainment- Go out to see a movie,  or that play you have been wanting to see. Visit a museum, or a Friendship Centre, do something that will take your mind off of yourself and whatever is troubling you.

I will be posting over the holidays, but I wanted to take the time now to say:

Happy Holidays and
Stay safe!

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