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Monday, December 5, 2011

2nd Music Review- Susan Aglukark-White Sahara

(Susan Aglukark-Photo By Christine McFarlane)

(Susan Aglukark's new album White Sahara)
Music Review: By Christine McFarlane

I interviewed Susan Aglukark about a month before the release of her latest album "White Sahara." If you wish to read my interview with her, check out the October 2011 edition of the Native Canadian newsletter. 

Susan Aglukark is one of the country's most unique artists and a leading voice in Canadian music. She blends the Inuktitut and English languages with contemporary pop music arrangements to tell the stories of her people-the Inuit of Arctic Canada. 

"White Sahara" is a greatest hits album and it doesn't disappoint. It includes such classics as "O Siem" from the "This Child" album, released in 1995 which went on to become the 34th biggest song of the year. Other songs such as "Big Feeling," "Bridge of Dreams," and new tunes that include   "All Alone," "Where Do We Go From Here," and "White Sahara" round out the collection.

In "Where Do We Go From Here," the listener becomes privy to the fight of the Inuit  peoples staying true to their roots despite colonization; people who are questioning their path now that they have paid their dues to the ancient ones.

"We've staked our claim we've made our mark
Blood bones and memory in the earth and stone
We've paid our dues to the ancient ones
Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here"

"White Sahara" is a great listen, carrying on the inspiration from Aglukark's earlier albums. It is available for download at iTunes and on CD at HMV. For more information on Susan Aglukark check out her website at

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