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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Introducing Romeo Saganash NDP!

 ( Romeo Saganash and I at the 18th Annual CanAB Festival)

So, there I was at the 18th Annual Canadian Aboriginal Festival at the Better Living Centre on November 19, 2011, strolling along and wondering what pictures to take next, when all of a sudden I ran into NDP Candidate Romeo Saganash. It was kind of cool because I was kind of lost with deciding what pictures to take. I mean sometimes I get to feeling that I can only take so many pictures, before I start to think "oh gawd! how long is it going to take me  to download everything onto my computer and then organize all of it?  oh the life of a writer/photographer right? lol 

In all seriousness though,  I was happy to meet Romeo Saganash because after all he is the first Indigenous person to seek the leadership of a major federal political party and that means breaking new ground for the First Nations people of Canada. We need a change! 

Here is a bit about Romeo Saganash:

Romeo was raised in the small northern community of Waswanipi, Quebec. He is a residential school survivor and a graduate of the Universite du Quebec a Montreal law school. Multilingual, he is fluent in Cree, both of Canada's official languages and Spanish.

Romeo is one of the principal authors of La Paix des Braves-the landmark agreement between the James Bay Cree and the Government of Quebec-and a key player in many national and international initiatives, including the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

He has been in politics for almost 30 years. For more information or to support his NDP Leadership Campaign, please visit

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Pogo27 said...

Hey Christine, it is great to see you having such a good time with the writing. I am trying to get motivated to write as much as I can as well, I like your journalistic approach to your blog. I have been so busy with the launch of my website (December 18th), but still trying to write. I enjoyed this article and your blog looks really professional!!

Take Care (and I am still waiting for that article on fermented barley haha)