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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My 2nd Guest Post- Roy Pogorzelski

(Roy Pogorzelski)

Roy Pogorzelski: is a member of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan.  His family is from the Meadow Lake/Green Lake region of Northern Saskatchewan.  Roy convocated from the University of Regina with a B.A in Indigenous Studies (distinction) and a B.H.J in Human Justice in 2006.  Roy has been heavily involved working in the Aboriginal field.  He has worked as a Research/Teachers Assistant for the First Nations University of Canada, as a Research Officer for the Department of First Nations and Métis Relations and as a Youth Care Worker with the Ranch Ehrlo Society and Regina Public School Board. In 2006, Roy worked in Vienna, Austria as a Research Assistant on International Indigenous issues for the Legal Anthropology at the University of Vienna. Roy has travelled extensively in Europe, covering 24 European countries. In 2009, he completed his master's degree in Cultures and Development Studies from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium (distinction). His thesis was on Metis Identity in Canada. Currently, Roy is working as the Aboriginal Diversity Support Co-ordinator with the Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge and sits as a committee member for the Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CMARD).

He is also a freelance writer for Alberta Sweetgrass and Saskatchewan Sage magazines under the Windspeaker Label, and a freelance writer for the Lethbridge Journal, in a column called Aboriginal Voices. He just recently took part in the Aboriginal Emerging Writers Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts and has a blog titled "Embracing Identity" Please visit it at 

I Jigged Last Night!!
 By: Roy Pogorzelski
Completely alone,
Identity strong,
Waiting in Anticipation,
It’s time to go on.

My first performance,
Scared to death,
Trying to Breathe,
Remembering the steps.

All eyes on me,
The fiddle starts to play,
A familiar tune,
Makes my legs automatically move.

They're out of control, as the fiddle changes,
Basic, fancy, basic, fancy,
My legs remind me,
What my mind forgets.

The loud sound of inconsistent clapping,
The cheering with every new step,
Body feeling tired,
Adrenaline taking over.

Sweat rushing down my face,
Breathing heavily,
Finally the last step,
Music ends.

The people stand and clap,
Tiredness kicks in,
Being Métis promoted,
Mom, guess what?

I Jigged Last Night!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job Roy, though I found myself waiting for the boom boom clap!