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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Writer’s Digest - 10 Ways to Fuel Your Writing

Writer’s Digest - 10 Ways to Fuel Your Writing

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change Can Be Good

Changes are happening in my life and these changes are something that bring about many mixed feelings.

Dealing with change is difficult and I am sure that many people out there struggle when changes come about. Change can be anything that you consider to be life altering in some way or another- a birth and/or death in your family, moving, changes in your daily routine such as a new job or new opportunities that you knew in the back of your head were happening, but had not fully come to accept them.

In my case, this past month, I have had a few things happen, that really made me look within, learn about my strengths and how far I have come, see where my weaknesses are and learn to reevaluate what I can take on both in my personal and professional life.

In the past, I never dealt with changes in a way that was conducive to helping me move forward. I always found a way to self-sabotage because inwardly I believed that “I didn’t deserve these changes,” and that happiness was not something that I deserved.

I realize now that I am deserving of success and happiness just like anyone else, and this time around I am not going to sabotage how far I have come, because I am more secure in where I am in my healing journey. This became more evident to me when recently I had to go and visit my sister who was involved in a freak accident that had a metal awning collapse on her and land her in the hospital. I was able to swallow my fears to go down and see her and in the process run into the very people who hurt me so badly in the past-my adoptive parents. I was able to look them in the eye and not feel like I was going to crumble inside, or that I was going to run as soon as I saw them.  Essentially I took my power back.

Lastly, this year I will finally be graduating from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelors of Art degree in Aboriginal Studies and I will be travelling again to take part in a ten day student internship at San Ignacio University in Belize, Central America during the University of Toronto’s Reading Week where I will be visiting various Indigenous communities and sites.

I have come a long way, and inside I am most proud!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Heart Stone: By: Christine McFarlane

my heart stone

it sits
in my palm

my fingers
are wrapped
around it

i don't want
to let it go

i don't want
to lose it

my heart stone

because I wonder
if I let it go
will the memories
go away too?

my heart stone

its shape is
and cold

it only warms up
when i hold it
in my hand

my heart stone

warm thoughts
and a smile to my face

as I recall
that whenever I felt down
or felt like I would forget you

the image of a heart
would appear

my heart stone

(this poem may be reworked, but I wanted to post this because I haven't posted in awhile)